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  • What is Handwritten Solutions?
    Handwritten Solutions is a small registered Australian business aimed at providing personalized handwriting solutions for personal, business and marketing needs. Whether it be a handwritten letter, a handwritten note, or a handwritten card, Handwritten Solutions is here to try and cater to your handwriting needs. The ABN is 86 955 789 692.
  • How do I know that you can be trusted?
    This is sometimes a very real and what is perceived as a genuine worry to you. And trust me, I fully understand your concern when you are not dealing with someone in person, face-to-face. To put your mind at rest, I have been providing professional handwriting services for five years now. I also have high personal and business ethics and morals. Please also remember, that if you have initial worries about my service, I too have worries that I wont be paid. Please know that I will never run off with your money, or not provide you with the service which you have paid for. I can absolutely guarantee you that you will receive what you pay for. I have a client who took a chance with me from the very start, and who still uses my service on an ongoing and regular basis. Now if that isn't trust there, I don't know what is. And I feel incredibly blessed each and every day that this client is still with me. I must be doing something right.
  • What are your opening hours and times?
    Handwritten Solutions is available Monday to Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm, Australian Central Time and Australian Central Daylight Time. I am closed all Australian and South Australian public holidays, and also for 2-3 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. I am also closed on weekends. Sometimes I am away at other times, but I always try to put a notice up on the website to notify you of this.
  • I contacted you two days ago and still haven't heard from you.
    Often I am able to reply within one to two business days, but every now and then, I am incredibly busy with handwriting projects, and am unable to reply to correspondence in a timely manner. In cases like this, it may take up to five business days to get back to you. My sincere aplogies if this happens to you. Please also note that sometimes there are technical glitches which prohibit me from being able to get online or communicate. This unfortunately, happens more than I like.
  • What services do you offer?
    The main handwriting services currently being offered, but not limited to, are: HANDWRITTEN LETTERS Handwritten Love Letter Handwritten Thank You Letter Handwritten Prospecting Letter Handwritten Marketing Letter Handwritten Business Letter HANDWRITTEN NOTES Handwritten Thank You Note Handwritten Love Note Handwritten Prospecting Note Handwritten Marketing Note Handwritten Business Note HANDWRITTEN NOTECARDS Handwritten Thank You Notecard HANDWRITTEN CARDS Handwritten Thank You Cards Handwritten Christmas Cards HANDWRITTEN ENVELOPES Handwritten Envelopes to be paired with a handwritten letter, note, notecard or card. Handwritten Envelope for Marketing Handwritten Envelope for Prospecting
  • Do you supply any other services?
    Some other services which may already be a necessary part of the handwriting service, or as an extra if required, are: * insertion of business card * insertion of scatters or other embellishments * printing of logo * printing of letterhead * printing of typed and prepared document * supply of stamps * sticking and placing of stamps * stuffing of envelopes * sourcing of stationery or other products * folding of letters/notes/cardstock * stapling of documents * cutting * sealing of envelopes * packaging * delivery to post office * postage back to you or to each recipient. If there is a service which is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will see what I can do for you.
  • Do you offer custom handwriting services?
    Yes of course. If I am capable and confident in handwriting your personal and custom project, then I most definitely will. Some other custom handwriting projects which I have completed are: * handwritten bookmarks * handwritten quotes * handwritten marriage certificate * handwritten tattoo design * handwritten recipe * handwritten and designed thank you card Some examples of where I may not be able to are: * you are requesting a handwriting style which I definitely don't feel confident in doing * you are requesting thousands of handwritten letters within a few weeks which is physically impossible for me. * you request me to use a program or function I am not familiar with These are just a few common examples which I have come across over the years where I have not been able to provide a service for someone. My apologies if you are one of them.
  • I have no idea what to write. Will you provide the words for my project?
    Sorry but no. I find that your own wording is a very important and personal aspect of your project and unique to you and your recipient. I don't supply any wording unless I have designed something specifically for a particular purpose, such as a buy-it-now quote.
  • Do you edit and proofread what I've written?
    I don't edit and proofread your wording, but as part of my services I do proofread my handwriting to make sure it is the same as the wording you have provided me with. It is your responsibility to make sure there are no mistakes in your wording when you provide me with what you need handwritten. If there is a very obvious mistake, then yes I will, or if I notice something that I think may be wrong or needs to be changed then I will also check. But please, to be safe, and to reduce any possible angst, make sure to check and double check your project. It is not my responsibility to do this. If, on the other hand, I personally make a mistake, then it is solely up to me to correct it at no extra cost to you.
  • Do you provide a free quote for a custom handwriting service?
    I sure do. In fact, a free quote has been one extremely beneficial tool for potential clients to see pricing relative to their needs. Due to some times of the year being much busier than others, please allow up to five (5) business days for a free quote. I do try and get it done sooner but sometimes this is not possible with the current workload.
  • What contact details do you need when requesting a quote?
    I need your name, email, and phone number. I also need a postcode if your completed project is being posted to you in bulk.
  • How do I go ahead with a quote?
    Handwritten Solutions is happy to honour any price given on the quote for a period of thirty (30) days. If you would like to proceed with the quote, there is a section which you can sign (typed is fine) and date if you wish to proceed with the price and specifics which are entailed. By signing and dating the quote form, you are acknowledging that you are entering into an agreement for goods and/or services to be provided by Handwritten Solutions. Once you return the signed and dated quote, an invoice will then be emailed to you which needs to be paid immediately, and in full, when you receive it. In some circumstances, specifically ongoing projects, I will also type up a formal agreement to be signed. This has more specific details regarding such things as giving notice when ending the agreement, and what is required from both parties. This is to protect both parties and shows all details in writing so there is no confusion from either side.
  • If I get a quote, am I obligated to purchase?"
    Definitely not. It is a free, no obligation quote designed to show you your unique pricing specific to your needs.
  • What details do I need to provide to get an accurate quote?
    You will need in most cases: * The amount of words required to be handwritten. I use microsoft word's word count * If you, or if Handwritten Solutions is required to provide and source the stationery * Whether you require handwritten envelopes * The size of paper * Pen colour * If you need letterhead or logo printed * Whether you need envelopes stuffed or anything added in * If stamps are needed * If you need envelopes sealed * Postage requested and where to There are sometimes other details that are needed, but the above covers most .
  • What payment options do you have?
    I request that you pay for your handwriting services by bank deposit or electronic funds transfer (EFT). If you live local to me, then you can also pay by cash.
  • Do you offer Paypal?
    Unfortunately I no longer do. I had some major issues with Paypal where I was unable to transfer money from my paypal account to my Australian bank account. They also controlled where and how I could spend my money that was in my paypal account which was ridiculous. Plus I found that I was being slogged a huge amount by paypal which significantly affected any money I was making. So there is no paypal option and I don't see this changing in the future.
  • When do you expect payment?
    For any one time project, I expect payment up front before I even make a start on your project. For trusted ongoing clients, I allow payment after I have sent the handwriting project. For any goods or products, without a handwriting service, I expect payment up front.
  • What is an ongoing project, and why do you price it cheaper?"
    An ongoing project is where, normally a business or organisation, requests my services on a regular basis. For example, I am requested to send out 100 handwritten notes per fortnight, per month, or per week. Rather than try and lure clients in with initial discounts, I would prefer to provide discounts to loyal and ongoing clients, or return clients who have used my services before. This makes more sense to me and has worked well so far.
  • Do you show all prices on your website?
    No I don't. Because everyone has different handwriting needs, one time or ongoing, varied options and custom projects, it is too difficult to prices on absolutely everything. But there is a bonus to that. You can get your own custom quote based entirely and precisely for your needs. You are quoted exactly for what you are requesting. Nothing more, nothing less. This way you can ultimately save costs
  • Do you charge extra if I need something urgently?
    If I have the time when you need it and don't have another project that needs to be done, and it also requires me to work outside of my normal business hours, then yes, you will be charged extra. 20% is added onto the final project cost.
  • Why don't you show much, if any, client work on the website?"
    Due to the highly confidential nature of the handwriting services I provide for clients, it makes it hard to show any client work. This is because there are often names, addresses, or even the specific wording within a project which could link to the client. Remembering that the handwriting service I provide is more often than not, an anonymous one. Nothing should link back to me and should look like it comes from the client.
  • Do you supply any pre-made and ready to order products?
    Due to a lot of feedback and requests,I am currently working on my own designed stationery line to provide more options for you. Ultimately, this stationery will be available as part of a whole handwriting service and goods package, but also to be purchased separately. The aim is to provide writing paper sets, thank you notecards, thank you cards, bookmarks, journals, notebooks and planners. If you would like to see a particular design or stationery line, please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know. I am more than happy to hear your ideas.
  • What is a one time agreement?
    This is where you utilise the services of Handwritten Solutions just one time at that present moment. For example, you need 100 handwritten notes to send out just once. This would be a one time agreement. See ongoing agreement for difference.
  • What is an ongoing agreement?
    This is an agreement where you, the client, and me (Sally), as the main writer for Handwritten Solutions, enter into an agreement for handwriting services on a regular basis such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly. For example, you may need 50 thank you cards and envelopes handwritten every week, or even a varying amount of handwritten letters done every month and sent back to you in bulk. Compare one time agreement.
  • Do you supply the stationery for a handwriting project?
    I have certain stationery on hand that I can supply. I always have 100gsm white paper and matching C6 envelopes on hand. I like to have kraft paper and matching kraft C6 envelopes as much as possible, even though sometimes these are harder to get in stock. I also like to have a certain amount of white cardstock for notecards, etc. Other stationery will either need to be supplied by you, or I can source the stationery for you at an extra cost.
  • Can I supply my own stationery?
    You certainly can. All you need to do is send the stationery to me in bulk before I start your handwriting project. I also ask that you supply extras just in case of any mistakes or errors.
  • What handwriting styles do you do?
    My standard and go to handwriting style is the one I call 'everyday'. This is the one I write with in most cases, and is the one most requested. It is a simple and neat print. Then you have 'cursively'. This takes a little more time but is a wonderful and beautiful cursive style. 'Blocky' is great for when you want a handwriting style that could pass as either male or female. 'Carefree' is not as popular but great for a more masculine or relaxed handwriting style. This style can change slightly depending on how relaxed I am on the day, or how relaxed my hand is.
  • Do you do calligraphy?
    Sorry but no. I can do a cursive style handwriting but not true calligraphy.
  • Do you send the completed handwriting project back to me?
    Yes I can. In most circumstances, clients request that I send their handwritten project back to them in bulk. But you can also get your project posted to each recipient. It is totally your choice what you would like to do.
  • What postage service do you use?
    I use Australia Post to send out handwriting projects. I personally prefer to use express post, registered post or normal postage but with tracking if posting back to you in bulk. This is so you can keep track of where your parcel is and know that it hasn't been lost in the system. If you would like another postal service, please let me know and you will need to organise this yourself.
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