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Handwritten  Envelopes

Handwritten Envelope

Handwritten Business Envelope

Handwritten Marketing Envelope

Handwritten Letter Envelope

Handwritten Custom Envelope

Real Estate Marketing

The handwritten envelope is that very first opportunity to 'reach out ... stand out'. It conveys that initial warmth that will almost certainly get your mail opened. 

How many of you dread seeing your name and address in printed format. Especially when it is also inserted into a window envelope? How many of you actually open those envelopes? How many end up in the bin, either having been opened, or not even opening it, because simply, it depicts negativity, and yes, often, more money having to leave our pockets.

For marketing and business, the handwritten envelope is the perfect way to hunt out potential new clients; thank your current clients; inform a larger audience of something happening within your business, requesting money owing to you; and so much more. But simply, to get your correspondence opened in the first place, and in a much more memorable way than the window envelope, the typical flyer, or through email.

You can also have a handwritten envelope for an event such as your wedding, thank you's, invitations, virtually anything that requires an envelope where you would love to stand out from all other mail.

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