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Handwritten Notes





The handwritten note usually evokes warm and special memories. Remembering your Grandmother sending you one just to say hello, with a faint smell of her usual perfume. The secret note passed between you and your best friend, or your latest crush at school. The scribbled words on a sticky note stuck to your page or in your book reminding you of something. The note to a loved one. Or a quick thank you note to let someone know how much you appreciate them.

More often than not, we now send notes in the form of a text message, or as a quick email in this technological world. It is often impersonal and overused to a point where it doesn't even stir up any emotion within you. And it's hard pressed to even capture your attention.

How do you think you would feel if you were on the receiving end of a thoughtful, fresh and crisp handwritten note. Where thought and effort had gone into the writing of it, and simply because it is also such a rare and treasured incidence these days.

Then imagine how it would feel for your friend, a family member, your employee, a client or potential client, to be on the receiving end of that gift. Imagine how good they would feel, how special.
So why don't you 'reach out ... stand out" today.

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