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Chloe Juresko

I couldn't have appreciated Sally more! She is a passionate and talented human who went above and beyond for our project. We are so appreciative and will be back again!

Reilly M

Everything arrived perfectly. We are very happy overall, we're so glad to have found you. I guess it comes down to how successful the campaign is on our end, but I think we'd like to trial this again with some different clients in the future. But, on your end, everything was perfect. You were so lovely to deal with - it was a pleasure.

Nathan I

Just to let you know that I received the parcel, safe and sound. Everything looks absolutely divine! Thanks so much. 

Darran G

"they are absolutely perfect and exactly what i pictured. i can't thank you enough for all your help with your communication and priority in getting these to me was so much appreciated. your card to me was very special and really showed your personal touch and i can't thank you enough."

Paul Ransley,

What Finance Pty Ltd

"i required a number of handwritten letters to be sent alongside a marketing brochure to potential customers.
sally provided a professional service which provided me with everything i requested.
this approach to marketing represents a nice change from what has become the "traditional" spam email approach.
handwritten solutions offers a personal and helpful service, and my experience was excellent.
I would recommend handwritten solutions to others."

Peta Charles, Brisbane Town Planning

"since the very beginning, sally has consistently provided a genuinely friendly, reliable and effortless service that does wonders for our customer engagement processes and in turn, our brand.
put simply, her service allows us to shine in front of our clients without us having to lift a finger.
i would highly recommend handwritten solutions to any small business owners looking for a cost effective way to stand out in the marketplace."

Andrew G

"Thank you so much SAlly. This is really awesome work and turnaround. i look forward to using you again in the near future."

Michael F

"thanks sally. the envelopes look amazing."

Andrew B

"the finished product looks great."

Anthony F

"thank you so much sally. i really appreciate your efforts and it looks amazing! thanks again."

Skye Gray

"omg wow i seriously have no words for our wedding invites. they are beautiful amazing stunning creations. they are gorgeous. thank you so much for all ur hard work and time and love u have put into these. i'm so excited for everyone to get theirs to see how beautiful they are. words can't even describe how grateful we are x."

Noel B

My gosh you're quick here I was thinking it'd be a week or two!
Thank you so much that is amazing work and I really appreciate your time and effort in making this one extra special for us.
Thank you again you've been such a delight to work with! I'll make sure to spread the word!
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