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Helping businesses, organisations, and individuals create memorable handwritten correspondence and projects.

Welcome to Handwritten Solutions™.  An Australian, one person business, dedicated to providing you with a personalised, one-on-one handwriting service that is reliable, approachable and considerate to your needs.


Handwritten Solutions was developed to help businesses, organisations, and individuals to reach out to customers, clients, friends, family, and any other potential recipient that you can think of through handwritten communication.


Handwritten Solutions was founded by Sally Lloyd towards the end of 2016 with the aim of helping people to reach out with the often forgotten, classic, and memorable handwriting.


Why Choose Handwritten Solutions?


  • Competitive pricing

  • 100% Australian owned and operated

  • Australia and worldwide handwriting services and products available

  • Dealing with a real person, not programs or software

  • Custom projects welcome

  • Option of different style handwriting

  • More services and products in the making

  • All handwriting is authentic

  • Extra and custom services provided (just ask if something isn’t listed)

  • Approachable, reliable and honest


I listen to what you, as the client, need and desire, for your handwritten project. I provide you with absolute attention to detail, from your first initial contact, to what you need, providing you with possible solutions, right down to the completion of the project, and follow up.


I want you to be a happy and satisfied customer.

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Before the business was founded I was having health issues which seriously limited the type of work I could do. I was also heavily into spirituality at the time and trying to find my place in the world. I sat down with a free mini business type course which was aimed at helping you find a business or work path that is right for you. It was about finding what I love doing, what I’m good at, what I would like to do, pretty much your soul get the picture. Well I went through the categories, busily scribbling away, and listing a lot of similar passions and things I am good at across the categories. Many of them were spiritual or metaphysical based and surprisingly, not once was handwriting mentioned on there.  Anyway, I got a bit daunted and frustrated by it all, and was still wondering where my place was in the world of work and career. So I put all my scribblings aside and decided to have a break from it. Two days went by without me looking at those pages again, but it was still ever so slightly in the back of my mind. Then on the third day, bang, out of nowhere, came the idea of a handwriting business. Well derrr, why didn’t I think of that before.


As you may well know, handwriting has become a dying art form for correspondence.  We are overloaded with impersonal emails, sms messages, typed documents, and have forgotten that there is that powerful and personal form of communication.......HANDWRITING.


Handwriting is something I am passionate about and take great pleasure in it. I handwrite all the time. I’ve got pages and pages of my writing everywhere, and it is something that I feel everyone should still do. It’s personal, it’s special, it’s memorable. You can still write if the power goes out. You can see all the mistakes and edits you have made. And it is something that I am very meticulous and almost perfectionist about.


So out of that came Handwritten Solutions. I want to be able to help people go back to the old fashioned way. To show that people are cared about, that they are special, that they are respected enough that you took the time to handwrite something for them. To create a sense of nostalgia, and that the recipient can hold the original in their hands, and sometimes it may even be put away as a treasured keepsake. To provide a service which caters to anyone that needs any sort of handwriting project done.


​If you do not see your idea on here, then please do not hesitate to contact me about your custom project. I am more than willing to discuss your needs and try and work towards a solution for you. 

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To discuss your handwritten needs please contact me.

Reach Out...Stand Out

The slogan 'Reach Out...Stand Out ' was founded after analysing the possible benefits of using handwritten communication between a sender, and of course, the recipient.


This analysis then became a comparison to communicating by email, and the typed correspondence which gets posted to a physical mailbox. As you may have gathered, there are positives and negatives to all three, depending on the method, but also depending on whether it is for business, personal or an event enterprise.


After going through as many pro's and con's as I could think of, and through researching, there were two consistent themes that kept popping up with handwritten mail.


One of those themes was reaching out. The sender reaches out to the recipient, both mentally and physically. The recipient then reaches out physically to get their mail.


Because the sender has sent a letter, or other correspondence with a personal touch, the recipient will often feel that they are valued, special, and it has been demonstrated that they are worth the effort. It takes a lot more time and undertaking to handwrite mail, and most times the recipient knows this.


So then comes along the second consistent theme. 


Whatever the reason for using handwriting, whether it be for business, events, or for your own personal pursuits, ultimately you stand out. More often than not, the recipient is left feeling special, and that instantly puts you above the emailers and the typed letter corresponders in the recipient's eyes.


But there is another major way that you stand out from the crowd when you send handwritten envelopes, letters, and other correspondence. It has become such a rare commodity in this modern world where we have faster computers, bigger social networks, and the ability to be able to email anyone in an instant, that when you do receive handwritten correspondence in your letterbox or postbox, it really stands out. I know on the very rare occasion when I've received a handwritten envelope, among all the window and typed ones, it is always the first one I open, guaranteed. It's like a diamond among a pile of rubbish, and that's even when I know it's from one of our local businesses.

Handwritten correspondence is such an under-utilised area in todays' modern world, people get a surprise when they see something in the snail mail that is actually handwritten, rather than typed or an email that often gets discarded. How many times have you received an email, don't even open the message up, and send it to the trash? Or when you see that typed or window envelope in the letterbox, and you throw it out without even opening it, or open it after about 2 weeks to find that you are now overdue on a bill. See, this is why so many people have overdue accounts. They just throw their mail out, or put it aside and forget about it, because it is so unappealing and lacks any personal touch that makes you want to open it.

To be honest, I could ramble on all day about why handwritten letters, envelopes, cards, invitations, and all manner of handwritten documents, are beneficial to us. The reasons are many, and varied. I'm also very aware of the negatives, obviously speed of receiving your mail being the main one,  but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

Anyway, if anyone has managed to read this down to the bottom, I hope I haven't bored you too much and I thank you very much for taking the time to read it.

Sally J Lloyd

About Reach Out Stand Out
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