Handwritten  Cards

Are you considering, or do you need to send out handwritten thank you cards to your clients, your customers, wedding guests, or for some other event or reason?

Are there far too many Christmas cards to be written out and not enough time. Or unfortunately you are physically incapable of writing them yourself? 

Handwritten cards are probably one of my more personal favourites for bulk handwriting. Why you ask? Because cards, especially thank you and Christmas cards, are essentially unselfish. They are about being thankful, about wishing someone happiness, about offering support, and they are a fantastic way to show your appreciation. You aren't trying to sell something, you aren't marketing. 

It is one of the reasons that I am expanding with my business, to design thank you cards, along with other designs focused on positivity and happiness.

Thank you to you all.


Much love from Sal x

Handwritten Thank You Card

Handwritten Thank You Card

This one is plain and simple but still manages to convey what needs to be said. It is making that extra effort to appreciate someone. A memory for them to keep.