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Handwritten  Cards

Australian Native Thank You Card - Whispy Oak™

Are you considering, or do you need to send out handwritten thank you cards to your clients, your customers, wedding guests, or for some other event or reason?

Are there far too many Christmas cards to be written out and not enough time. Or unfortunately you are physically incapable of writing them yourself? 

Handwritten cards are probably one of my more personal favourites for bulk handwriting. Why you ask? Because cards, especially thank you and Christmas cards, are essentially unselfish. They are about being thankful, about wishing someone happiness, about offering support, and they are a fantastic way to show your appreciation. You aren't trying to sell something, you aren't marketing.

How it Works






Supply your choice of cards to me in bulk (most popular option), or have me source cards for you. Extras are always advised in case of any mistakes.

You supply the wording, names, and addresses

Get them sent back to you in bulk, or have them sent out individually to each recipient.


Have them sent at the regularity you need, with ongoing flexibility. 

 - once only

 - weekly

 - fortnightly

 - monthly

 - three to six months

 - yearly

Other options and choices include:

 - pen colour

 - handwriting style

 - insertion of other embellishments, cards, etc

 - postage options such as express or standard


Everything is personalised to your needs and requirements, and as such, so is the pricing.

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